Cancelation & Refund


Refund in bookings

  • Overpayment – client overpaid and needs to be partially refunded (usually before service begin) – possible and needed to create Credit Note
  • Compensation on return – client wasn’t satisfied with a service and asks for partial refund – possible to create Voucher (for future bookings) or Credit Note to pay back to Client on his bank account.
  • Compensation made at base – usually Claim on return. Client wasn’t satisfied with a service and asked for a refund – not showing on the payment plan or possible or necessary to create Voucher or Credit Note. Just give money directly back to Client at the base in cash.

Refund on canceled bookings

  • Reallocation
  • Client Cancellation
  • Operator Cancellation
  • Client Charter Refused – this usually means a cancellation on the day of, or after the day of charter start. So when a client arrives and a boat does not meet their expectations and they refuse to take the charter, it would be used then. The reason to differentiate it from a normal client cancellation is that it would be subject to cancellation fees. In the case of a refused charter it needs to be refunded back.By choosing Exact date (1), the results will only include boats with the exact selected period (date).

Refund entry needs to be a list of refunds. So multiple entries are possible.
Creating credit note or Voucher for each refund entry for easier tracking.
Refund will have its own type (from the list of above scenarios). Easier to customize only one scenario, great for refund statistics.
Each refund will have its own tracking when it’s refunded. Who, when & how (bank transfer or voucher)

Payment plans & payment table will be extended with additional virtual entries.
Payment plans for each refund entry (except for Overpaid amount scenario)
Payment for each confirmed/refunded refund entry.

Balance number will be also dynamic depending on the scenario (booking or canceled booking) also taking into consideration virtual entries in payment plan and payment.

When a refund entry is marked as refunded (it means money is returned back to the client/agency), in the reservation a new virtual payment entry will be shown and the balance will be changed accordingly.

In case of canceled booking, if there is a cancellation fee, then the refund entry with the type “Cancelation XXX” or “Reallocation” will be automatically reduced by the cancellation fee amount.

In case when a new voucher is created from the refund entry, this item will not be shown in the refund module, and a new payment entry is shown in the payment info panel.

REFUND BOOKING – examples:


First payment is OVERPAYMENT – client wants return and decided to remove extras (kayak+towels)

If Client want refund on his account, for example 500 €

Multiple refunds can be added in this module.
Click on ADD button to create new refund.

For Reason – choose. OVERPAYMENT
place Amount and if necessary some “Note”…when you are done, click “SAVE”.


After money is returned, click FINALIZE to finish process.

After Finalizing the refund, negative payment is appeared.
That will affect balance which will be corrected automatically.


COMPENSATION ON RETURN after booking is done. 

Balance is on 0, all is paid but Client has a CLAIM.

This time we made Voucher.
You will see, Balance is now adjusted automatically – Voucher is visible on Payments. Balance adjusted.

In the next step refunds can be completed by issuing a Voucher or creating a Credit Note!
Difference is:

  • after Voucher creation, Refund is finalized automatically (negative payment appears)
  • after Credit note creation, one additional step is required – to FINALIZE Refund manually!

First example is to create a Voucher:
When you create a Voucher, automatically THE Balance will adjust and you will see Voucher on Refund module and in Payments as well.

General tab looks like this now:
Refund is finalized and negative payment plan appeared.

Second Refund example will be finalized via Credit Note.
Credit Note was approved but Refund isn’t finalized automatically because it should be finalized manually after money is returned to Clients account.

Click on “Finalize” manually.

Now on General tab situation is following:

  • Balance is on 0.
  • Credit Note is on Payment tab.


Compensation made at base – client gets automatic cash return directly at base and no need no need to create Voucher or Credit Note!

Canceled Booking with Payments:

  • We canceled a booking, entered in Advanced tab 200 EUR of Cancellation fee and saved it.

Now you see on General tab that Cancellation fee is new entry in Payment plan.
Rest of Payment plans are now blocked for editing and DO NOT affect the balance any more (for Canceled bookings).
In Canceled bookings the balance is calculated from Cancellation fee + Payments!

Then you add a Refund, select “Reason” and amount will be automatically entered from Balance!

Created Refund can be finalized also via Credit Note or a Voucher.
In this example we used credit note and manually “Finalized” the refund which created this negative payment and close balance to 0.


Here you can search all made refunds: pending refunds, finalized refunds….

This will not be possible anymore: 

Create voucher and Prepare credit note from the reservation, but it should be called directly from the refund entry making each of those documents uniquely assigned to each refund scenario/reason.