After logging in to the system, you will be presented with your workspace as seen in picture 1.

From the Menu bar (1) you can access other modules, like Contacts, Booking list, Client offers, etc.

By clicking on the User icon (2) you can choose to change your password, enter exhibition mode, link your login with Google or logout from the system.

The Search yachts (3) section allows you to search for available yachts.

By choosing a charter company under Booking list (4) section, you can directly access it’s booking list.

List of companies with which you do not cooperate will appear under Available Fleet Operator (5) section.

By clicking on the Send request to all button, your requests will be sent to all charter companies in the system. If you prefer, you can also choose to send a request to each company by clicking on Request cooperation button beside the company name.

Picture 1.