Premium users

Honorary status for partners who are exclusively on NauSYS!
According to the ever growing numbers of the NauSYS family, we have decided to emphasize some of our partners with a Premium status. The choice of Premium status lies in the criteria of business quality and a friendly partnership. It is an honorary status aimed for those who are exclusively on NauSYS, and have proven that working together has brought nothing but the best

Priority support and development

It is our job to deliver the best quality service for our partners throughout the whole year, and to push our standards further, all requests received from our Premium Partners will be handled in the shortest time possible. The best part is, you get to choose with whom you would like to be in contact with from our support team!

Marketing benefits

Marketing plays a big role on how you are positioned in today’s market.With our efforts, we will pull out a few tricks to help you get more attention towards your fleet or agency. By using various tools through our real time booking platform, it is our end goal to achieve a higher status in our industry.

cost reduction

Everyone knows that one of the biggest burdens to a business are its costs. The costs that charter operators face (yacht maintenance, marina berths, annual mooring fees, insurance etc.) are high enough, and due to this we want to make your presence in NauSYS more affordable. Becoming a NauSYS Premium Partner guarantees additional benefits, and cost reduction.


Stand out and be recognized as one of the most exclusive NauSYS partners worldwide. Agencies will know where to find your fleet, and most importantly they will feel safe booking your yacht for their clients. Also be recognized as one of the most exclusive agencies within NauSYS.