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Experience the new generation of IT solutions for yacht charter

The fastest growing booking system in the world!

NauSYS™ is a modern and complete information solution for monitoring and optimizing business processes for your charter company.

The first Croatian based online booking system based on a web application concept has become the most relevant system on the market reaching a respectable number of clients and partners.

It is the cloud based and modern booking platform recognized as simple, fast, reliable and safe by over 4600 agencies and more than 420 fleets having more than 7000 real-time available yachts in 59 countries.

The efficiency of NauSYS™ agency portal is remarkable! Today, at least 50% of all agency bookings are made directly on NauSYS™ and numbers are constantly growing both in number of fleets and number of bookings.

Low flat cost per month without success fees, completely free of charge agency portal with the API data stream service rated as the best in performance, ease of implementation and data consistency provide the best price-performance ratio among booking platforms.

The team behind NauSYS™ consists of young and expert people in support, sales and development. They are the heart of the system and highly praised by clients giving each of them a different and personalized support awarded with loyalty. A great foundation for a long term cooperation.

email: info@nausys.com

for fleet operators

Get visibility by being listed on charter booking portals!

More than 380 charter operators already recognized NauSYS™ as the best platform to bring additional bookings to their fleets and maximize their visibility on the charter market.

By being a part of the NauSYS™  Distribution network your boats will be visible to more than 4600 agencies worldwide, and will be listed on more than +150 charter websites using a direct automated connection from the NauSYS database.
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for charter agencies

Book boats for FREE !!

If you are looking for available boats all over the world, then NauSYS™ is the perfect system for you. Start using our Agency portal and gain access to over 7000 real-time available boats from more than 420 fleets, and book the best boat for your client.

With just a couple of clicks choose multiple boats, manage discounts and services for your clients, send offers, book faster and easier than ever before … and best of all we charge 0% commission on bookings!
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IT Integrations

NauSYS™ is set up as na open type platform. Meaning that it has a defined communication protocol (API – application programming interface) by which programmers can easily and efficently use NauSYS™ as a source or a destination of processed data.

API is most easily described as a “call centre” that transports and synchronizes contents between calls. Technically a list of commands and their formats that can send one program to another one. If you are using Facebook, Dropbox or Google Analytics you are actually already using an API!

API is mostly used to share contents through channels (smartphones, web applications, smart devices, watches etc.). It provides extraordinary channels and, most important, fast adaptation, so even the first developed application will be highly flexible to further developments and upgrades.

API data stream

The most common way of booking platform integration is through web pages of fleet operators or charter agencies (brokers). It works on the vessels data base level, searching available capacities by arbitrary criterias and placing options/booking…

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simple web integration

If you don’t have resources to develop a connector toward NauSYS™ platform you can use “widgets” in the form of search engine, eg. “iframe”. It can quickly be implemented to web page thus getting the search functionality of available vessels in data base…

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backoffice software

Apart from the search, API can be used for other functions, like backoffice softwares. NauSYS™ will recieve the stocks and defined prices of individual items during work order’s production and send created invoices toward the bookkeeping software…

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“As a charter company and booking agency we are pleased that Nausys is our primary booking platform.  Program is easy to use and it meets our needs. Kind Nausys team is always available and helpful to solve any issues that we may have.”

Ana Duka, Charter Novak

“We have been using NauSYS for about 10 years and we are very satisfied with the service and product. The booking system is very simple and practical to work with, and it greatly helps with the booking process, drafting offers, and contracts with clients. NauSYS staff is always available for all our inquiries, calls, and suggestions, so thank you very much.”

Tonka Mrduljaš, Aba Vela

“The real advantage of NauSYS is not just being the real-time booking platform, but having a quick response from their team with solutions for every problem that may appear, even for various individually adaptable functions we use.”

Klaus Pitter, CEO, Pitter Yachtcharter

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Nausys! Real-time booking platform that is truly streamlined and accessible; professional and efficient handling of our fleet information from the start; expeditious response time to all inquiries and adjustments. They are consistently there to support us. A company that truly goes above and beyond!”

Lisa Mylona, Director, Wanderlust Yachting

“We are very pleased to be part of NauSYS and to work with it in the future. The best booking system, with the best support team. Always kind and always there for you to solve everything as soon as possible.”

Grga Tolić, Green Wave Yacht Charter

“We honestly and sincerely appreciate everything NauSYS has done for us. Efficiency and speed you’ve brought to our buisness are above all expectations.”

Ivica Buble, CEO, Dalmatia Charter

“It has been a pleasure working with NauSYS since the day one. Fast, reliable, easy to handle and connect from anywhere and with any device. Just perfect for us!”

Luka Berket, Director of Finance, Bavadria C/O Marinconsult GMBH

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support desk

You’ve encountered an issue while using NauSYS™ and don’t know what to do next?
Do not worry and contact our experienced customer support professionals!
They will give their best to help you resolve it as soon as possible.


tel: +385 1 61 99 140
email: info@nausys.com

quick answers

There are so many common questions you might ask about NauSYS™. At our Quick Answers Database we are collecting some of those essential informations and simple guidelines that will help you with getting acknowledge with our system. Don’t hesitate to check this evergrowing database and enjoy using real-time NauSYS™.


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