Zacherl Yachtcharter

As a yacht charter agency, their main task is to advise their customers in the best possible way and to offer them security and quality needed for their yacht charter vacation. They deliberately do not offer all fleets worldwide as they want to provide a charter vacation with partners they know and trust. After each sailing adventure, they like to check in with their clients to get feedback and reassurement that everything went well. They know that the feedback they receive is crucial for improving and offering better client experience. Zacherl Yachtcharter is all about personal contact and getting to know their clients’ wishes and needs. It is important for them to truly understand what their client wants, as quality is more important than quantity. Zacherl Yachtcharter is “checked & trusted” by Yacht-Pool, which also provides even more security for everyone!

As a second pillar, they will continue to expand yacht investments by offering investors and boat enthusiasts the opportunity to enter the charter business more easily and grow with them.
True to the motto “who’s standing still is going backwards” it remains exciting and they see the future positively!

Zacherl Yachtcharter works with fleet operators from Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Netherlands, Caribbean, Spain, Montenegro and the Pacific.

"NauSYS is not just a booking software with real-time availability. They are our partner who always helped and listened, whether it was regarding a problem we encountered or new development ideas. The constant development, best charter companies offered, and people in the support team inspire us again and again."


Let us discover a bit more….
NauSYS™ is your primary and only booking system through which you search and create reservations for your clients. Would you say that our distribution network and the number of partner and yachts offered are more than enough?
In the beginning we worked with several systems and now we have a comparison. The best result were and still are with NauSYS™ as we constantly find the best fleets within their system in terms of quality and availability.
How would you describe our platform to other agencies considering joining NauSYS™? What would you say to agencies that are thinking about integrating our API Data Stream?
NauSYS™ is very easy to use and all processes are structured logically. Our junior is already making his first offers at the age of 12. The server speed and especially the support and the people behind are terrific. So we decided very fast to upgrade our website with the API to be more attractive for our clients.
By being a NauSYS™ Premium Agency partner, how do you see your future business growth and to what extent?
Quality, security, stability and further development are decisive in business. NauSYS™ offers us everything that makes us look forward to growing together.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS™ real-time platform.

Zacherl Yachtcharter

Am Weiher 8

D – 83104 Tuntenhausen