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Sail With Friends is a partner of Pitter Yachting and a partner of Nautic Alliance.

As a sailing company, they guarantee you a safe and enjoyable holiday, also they want to enable you to discover the beautiful Turkish coasts. Göcek is surrounded by countless bays and its location makes it an ideal starting point for a sailing trip.

With over twenty years of experience, Sail With Friends offers 17 high-quality sailing yachts and 2 catamarans for sailors who want to embark on new adventures.

As a team, they bring together their knowledge and experience to ensure you the best holiday possible. Their team conducts meticulous maintenance work throughout both summer and winter seasons to ensure that their sailboats are always in good condition.

The fleet is located in Göcek MUÇEV Marina. Göcek is a small town located on the Aegean Sea and is surrounded by magnificent coasts and bays. The marina offers upscale standards, allowing sailors to experience the best all-around service at a uniformly high level of quality.

The real-time booking system of NauSYS has streamlined our processes, making it incredibly easy for our customers to reserve their dream sailing holiday. With NauSYS, we've experienced unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in managing our fleet and reservations.

Volkan Ceylan, CEO

Let us discover a bit more….
In what business aspects have NauSYS real-time booking system helped you or made your workflow easier?
It has significantly simplified our workflow by automating reservation processes, eliminating double bookings, and providing instant availability updates. This has saved us valuable time and resources while ensuring seamless customer experiences.
How would you describe the communication and partnership between us as a booking system and you as a charter company?
The communication channels are always open, and in any kind of situation where we need help and support, the team was highly responsive to our needs and queries.
Could you point out some of the most favorite features on NauSYS? What made our service a good fit for you?
Most favorite features of NauSYS for us are its Booking System, Planning and preparation of the weekend through Check-in and Check-out list, Owner program and the ability to get all the necessary data.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS real-time platform.
SWF Yachting

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Göcek, Turkey