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For more than forty years, Sun Charter has been one of the leading players in the yacht charter and yacht purchase in the Charter Management Program in Europe. With five bases in three different countries, the company has established itself as a major player in the industry. As a member of the Nautic Alliance, Sun Charter consistently sets high-quality standards that go far beyond the usual benchmarks.

The expansion of quality within the framework of the Nautic Alliance quality standards is a central concern of Sun Charter. The company attaches great importance to constantly optimizing its fleet and offering its guests the highest level of comfort and safety. Each boat is maintained according to strict guidelines and regularly inspected to ensure the highest standards.

Sun Charter has a well-maintained fleet in the most attractive locations in the Mediterranean. From the sun-drenched coasts of Spain to the idyllic bays of Greece, the company offers a wide range of sailing and motor boats to suit all tastes and requirements. The bases in Sardinia, Elba, Mallorca, Corfu and Lefkas promise a variety of sailing areas and are strategically located. This enables customers to explore the most beautiful areas of Europe.

Many years of experience, the high quality of the fleet and membership of the Nautic Alliance make Sun Charter an extremely valued yacht charter and yachtinvest company. Customers not only appreciate the variety and modernity of the boats but also the excellent service and professional on-site support.

Sun Charter stands for unforgettable sailing adventures and carefree enjoyment of water sports in the most beautiful areas of Europe.

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Marko Zacherl, CEO

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How do you see your business grow in the next few years as a member of Nautic Alliance?
As a member of the Nautic Alliance, we are aiming for continuous growth of our company over the next few years. Our focus is on constantly expanding our fleet with attractive sailing yachts and catamarans in order to offer our charter customers a diverse selection. Through innovative solutions, we aim to optimally meet the needs of our customers. Our aim is to present the most attractive fleet in the Western and Southern Mediterranean, always ensuring the best quality and service. With comprehensive charter management and a new guarantee model, we are also striving to make our offer as broad as possible and thus further maximize our growth potential within the Nautic Alliance.
What distinguishes the Nautic Alliance as a premier organization for charter business?
As the leading organization for the charter business, the Nautic Alliance sets the highest standards of quality for its members, resulting in an outstanding selection of first-class charter offers. In addition, the Nautic Alliance offers the best advisory services for customers and agencies, supported by a competent service tailored to individual needs.
A modern booking platform for charter customers and agencies enables smooth and efficient processing of bookings and inquiries.
The Nautic Alliance charter management program offers a comprehensive solution for yacht owners to optimally manage and market their fleet.
The Nautic Alliance offers a first-class yacht service and yacht trading opportunities, which rounds off the overall package for customers and members of the organization and makes it an indispensable partner in the charter business.
In what business aspects have NauSYS real-time booking system helped you or made your workflow easier?
We were able to deliver customized solutions to our customers faster and more efficiently, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. The changes extended to the front end of our workflows, allowing us to achieve seamless integration and a better user experience. The system provides a central workplace for everything from customer contact to invoicing, which has significantly simplified and optimized our internal processes.
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