Prima Sailing


Prima Sailing Charter Agency is a brand owned and operated by parent company Vemsa d.o.o. and was founded in 2013 to provide customers with vessels for vacation or leisure activities.

The agency began life offering vessels all over the Adriatic Sea, serving the countries of Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro. With a catalog of more than 3,000 vessels inclusive of sailboats, catamarans, yachts, and mega yachts, it was not long before operations had expanded, and the company today has a strong presence across Europe in countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain, and France.

Today Prima Sailing Charter Agency offers more than 8,000 vessels worldwide. Even as it has expanded, the company has remained grounded in its goal of offering a personal approach.

The primary aim behind Prima Sailing Charter Agency is to offer an online service whereby clients can browse an extensive selection of vessels, before using the appropriate filers to pick one and make a reservation for themselves.

Prima Sailing’s unique online system operates in real-time, any vessel displayed on the website is free and available to be booked. This information is made possible by a direct and permanent connection via the NauSYS booking system to fleet operators, charter providers, and the company’s agents, enabling the highest quality of service to all customers.

A conscious effort is made to handle every client personally, whether this be as a result of an inquiry or a booking, with the latter spurring the team on to make first contact, greeting the client via email and offering any further assistance. This great service also extends to matters regarding payment, contracts, and vouchers, which are all dealt with personally, and stem from the agency’s core values of a personal approach, quick feedback, a strong bond between customer and operator, effectively maintaining contact throughout, and paying constant attention to the needs of clientele.

The NauSYS booking system is an advanced, modern system. Operation is stable and has minimal interruptions. The responsiveness of the support service is fast, the staff is friendly and eager to help. The back office software is useful and saves a lot of time on administrative work. I am glad that Nausys is expanding its charter offer worldwide, because then indirectly we are expanding our range of vessels and are more interesting for our clients.

Samo Brbre, CEO

Let us discover a bit more….
We are extremely excited to welcome you as our Premium Agency and introduce you to our worldwide network! What made you decide to use our service and become a NauSYS Premium Partner?
We have used several systems before, but I think it is necessary to focus on one system and make the most of it. Since we have been using Nausys we have found that the performance of this system is very stable, there are no interruptions and no dropping of the system when you need it the most. The synchronisation to our website is also good and fast and, most importantly, everything is in real time. I consider this to be the most important thing for a smooth workflow. And of course, most importantly, there are some important big fleets involved in NauSYS, which are indispensable in sales.
How has NauSYS helped your business and in what way has it enhanced your agency business flow?
This is the second website we have built in the 6 years our agency has been active. When we wanted to work with Nausys, we worked with their specialised external partner to create a new and more modern website, our booking platform, which has brought us new clients who have booked a vessel with us.
Could you point out some most favorite features on NauSYS? What made our service a good fit for you?
Above all, the system is stable and fast, with no interruptions, except for the rare maintenance work, which is almost imperceptible. User innovations are always being added to the platform, which are necessary for the Agency to work well.
How would you describe the cooperation we have, and the communication between us as a booking system and you as an agency?
Good communication and responsiveness from both NauSYS sales and NauSYS support. It is especially positive that the site builder of our website works directly with NauSYS' technical service, so we do not have to communicate twice, we just deal with our site builder, who knows his job in detail.
Is there anything you would like to say to future NauSYS partners?
I my opinion the charter operators, in particular, should use only one booking system as their primary booking system, so that there is no confusion with simultaneous bookings.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS real-time platform.