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Pitter Yachtcharter – Your reliable and secure partner for yacht holidays!

As one of the largest charter fleet operator worldwide, Pitter Yachtcharter is a market leader in nautical charter industry, specialized in yacht charter, boat service and yacht invest.

With over 35 years of experience, not only are they leaders in Croatia, but they are also one of the founders of the Nautic Alliance Group, which consists of more than 500 yachts across 7 countries in Europe.

Pitter Yachtcharter offers high-quality charters across Croatia, from the north in Istria to central Dalmatia, with its largest base in Biograd offering more than 80 yachts, as well as locations in Murter, Vodice, and two bases in Trogir.

As Croatian specialists with the largest portfolio in the country, clients can choose from a variety of brands and models of yachts, available for bareboat or crewed charters. Additionally, clients have the flexibility to book yachts from Saturday to Saturday, or even Wednesday to Wednesday, shorter or longer charter periods at selected bases.

Every year, brand new yachts are added to their fleet to fulfill client needs and ensure the highest quality and fleet offerings on the market. Additionally, serving as dealers for Bavaria, Dufour, Fountaine Pajot, Lagoon, and Nuva, allows Pitter Yachtcharter to truly offer a remarkable selection of yachts each season.

Pitter Yachtcharter is also the sole charter company in Croatia that has made a significant investment by integrating custom battery storage systems in 60 yachts. This enhancement provides clients with even greater comfort and flexibility in their route planning. By incorporating these battery storage systems, clients can enjoy the luxury of additional stored electricity without worrying about their consumption from multiple gadgets or longer days at sea.

With more than 35 years of experience in the charter industry, their team in the booking office is eager to advise clients on their dream sailing experience. At Pitter Yachtcharter, they always strive to do their best, as client satisfaction is their ultimate goal.

Not only that, but Pitter Yachtcharter is a member of the „Yacht-Pool Financial Security System“. This means your payments are covered. With the Yacht-Pool-Charter-Fairtrag (contract) terms and conditions your customers charter under fair, standard and legitimate conditions.

The real advantage of NauSYS is not just being present in real-time but also being able to offer simple booking opportunities. We use NauSYS as our online booking system for the entire Nautic Alliance Group, but most importantly, it covers the needs of the Pitter central booking office, which handles the booking procedures for all Nautic Alliance bases across Europe. NauSYS also helps streamline the base operations and yacht maintenance which is crucial for delivering high-quality service.

The quick responses and comprehensive solutions provided by their team for any issues that may arise, including the customization of functions to suit our specific needs, are essential and well-appreciated. We are very happy with the stability and support we get from them, and we look forward to new projects and challenges that appear as the industry changes.


Let us discover a bit more….
As being one of our partners from the very beginning, what attracted you to NauSYS in the first place?
Efficient processes at all levels are the crucial key to success. NauSYS is one of the main tools which supports all booking processes and communication between clients, agencies and charter bases, which is very important for a fleet of our size. Streamlining all the processes behind a charter company is very important if you wish to optimize all the steps and be as efficient as possible.
Biggest asset of this system is its reliability and ability to handle all the data in real time.
And what about the standpoint toward your clients, agencies and NauSYS platform?
We encourage clients and agencies to use your online services in order to make the journey towards unforgettable holidays simple, fast and accurate. Many agencies not only use the online platform of NauSYS where they can easily send offers and create options and bookings, but they are also showing real time data directly on their websites by using the NauSYS integration service API or iFrame. This is great as we truly add the full information of yachts on NauSYS. Agencies and clients from the start get a lot of information about our yachts to help them easily decide which offer is best for their sailing holiday. And all this just with few clicks.
What would be your messages to NauSYS and our future partnership?
We will continue to use NauSYS in the future and are encouraging the NauSYS team to develop new products and services, but also to continue in its marketing activities to invite new clients and agencies to this unique platform in nautical business. The industry and clientele are changing rapidly, like never before, and it is important to keep up with the demands.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoy booking on NauSYS real-time platform.

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