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Nautic Alliance is a passionate alliance of competent and reliable companies in the field of yachting. Their association, consisting of yacht dealers, service companies and charter experts, embodies a new era in the maritime experience. United by a shared vision, their aim is to establish a robust and inclusive nautical platform for yacht owners, investors, charter clients, and agencies, founded on principles of trust, enthusiasm, and expertise.

Each partner within the Nautic Alliance operates independently, yet the true power stems from their collective presence, expertise, and consolidated marketing efforts. For charter customers, this means being able to choose from a steadily growing range of offers with the highest quality standards. Their consistent policies ensure that customers receive yachts of outstanding quality.

For investors and yacht owners, the membership in Nautic Alliance means that their yacht will be integrated into a well-functioning system, supported by world-class yacht service companies.  Central marketing via a common booking system guarantees a smooth and efficient rental. Thus, yachts can be booked anywhere at any time with well-known agencies.

When working with Nautic Alliance, agencies have the advantage of having a central point of contact that provides them with professional support and advice. Uniform booking processes for the entire fleet of the Nautic Alliance not only save time but also increase efficiency.

The centralized back office of the Nautic Alliance supported by NauSYS and Pitter Yachtcharter ensures smooth operations and enables comprehensive optimization in the area of fleet and quality management, which not only guarantees quality but also helps to attract more satisfied customers.

The Nautic Alliance Group strives to offer a large and diverse range of offers for its clients, but it also defines high standards of quality. This commitment ensures a superb holiday experience for all who choose to book one of their yachts.

Yacht Invest

Ensuring a system that can support our booking office in Hartberg for all our members and partners is crucial. Seamless daily operations and communication with clients and our bases are essential for selling good quality charters. We are delighted to utilize NauSYS as our bookings tool and are excited to grow further.

Jakob Juergens, CEO

Let us discover a bit more….
How did the beginning of Nautic Alliance look? What is the story and history behind it?
It started as an idea to offer new destinations to our clients. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we gained a lot of satisfied customers seeking new sailing destinations.. As Pitter Yachtcharter offers qood quality service, we started collaborations with charter companies and agencies that align with our vision and recognize the mutual advantages of forming an alliance.
As a whole group, with partners across different countries, we can imagine it is hard to uniform the booking processes. How would you say you manage these processes within the group. Additionally, how does NauSYS support and facilitate these efforts?
When agencies cooperate with Nautic Alliance through NauSYS, they get in contact with one of our booking experts. For any help and advice on yacht offers they can easily contact us. Using the same system for all Nautic Alliance yachts saves time and streamlines the process, not only for the booking office but base reception. Nautic Alliance's central office ensures seamless operations and improves fleet management, guaranteeing quality service and attracting more satisfied customers.
As the group continues to expand with new members and partners, what potential challenges do you see arising? What would you say are your future goals?
The challenge itself is being able to combine all the members and partners under one roof technically and automize/uniform the system that works well for everyone in different countries. Until now, everything is smooth and works perfectly as NauSYS greatly supports us. The question we always ask ourselves is, what can we do more to improve our offers, automize our process and increase bookings. The goal will always be to offer the best quality service possible and have happy clients while using all the technological advantages to help us create better offers easily.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS real-time platform.
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