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Nas Sailing Center is a boutique charter company based in Punat on the beautiful island of Krk (North Adriatic).

Their love for sailing led them to share their passion with others through sailing courses and chartering performance cruising boats and catamarans since 2011.

They are always happy to see their customer base grow every year and more and more bookings being made by repeat clients. Also, they cooperate successfully with a growing number of booking agencies and believe that good communication and hard work are the keys to this success.

Nas Sailing Center is a team of 10 people dedicated to providing the best service possible while trying to keep a family vibe and healthy relations in their workplace.

They pride themselves in having an individual approach to every booking and custom client service, as well as consider it their biggest strength. Every client is equally important to them and they like to make sure that they feel that way.

This incredible team feels lucky to call this beautiful country their home and is happy that their clients are recognizing it as such as well!

We were very positively surprised by the level of service that the NauSYS team provides. It’s one of the most pleasant and successful cooperations we had so far. The team of people that we are in contact with are maybe the most forthcoming and helpful people we ever worked with.

Marko Srdoč, CEO

Let us discover a bit more….
We are honored that NAS Sailing Center is now using NauSYS exclusively! Can you tell us a back story of how you decided to be only on one booking system?
As our company grew over the years, we struggled to keep up with all our bookings and logistics behind it. That’s why we decided to optimize that process and find a booking platform that would suit our needs and ultimately help with this issue.
As a NauSYS Premium partner you are also using our backoffice package, can you tell us how it helped your business and made your workflow easier?
NauSYS' backoffice helped us to simplify the tasks that were previously taking us a lot of time, it optimized our workflow and gave us more time to work on the improvement of our services.
How would you describe the whole process of joining NauSYS and the people behind the activation?
Joining NauSYS was very easy and the people who helped us in this process were the ones to be thankful for it. They really know the system inside and out and are willing to help with every aspect.
Would you recommend to other fleet operators to use NauSYS exclusively and please elaborate your answer?
Definitely yes! Working with NauSYS makes our job much easier. Every issue we have is solved ASAP. Also, every question we have is answered as quickly as possible. We can’t really imagine ever going back to our old way of doing bookings. Now we have everything in one system (confirmations, contracts, crew lists, base info…) and it’s so easy to keep track of different aspects of our charter.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS real-time platform.
NAS Sailing Center

Abriva d.o.o.

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Punat 51521



Marina Punat, Krk, Croatia

Luka Punat, Croatia