Luxury Travel Hackers


With their owned social accounts with over 1.5 million followers, they work with hundreds of travel influencers across all social media channels, with a reach of over 100 million followers, Luxury Travel Hackers have a great influence among travelers across the world!

Luxury Travel Hachers is a full-service concierge booking platform and agency that was founded by filmmakers, Influencers, travel agents and content creators.

Their mission is to minimize the time average travelers spend on additional research on multiple websites to build their vacations and bring the revenue into the pockets of influencers and content creators. They do that with the “One Click Away” solution to allow followers(and others) to shop trips.

Working with NauSYS for their yacht inventory has made what was a previously lengthy and complicated booking process extremely seamless for both our agents and customers. Their customer service is fantastic as that is a huge element of our business.

Gary Kohn, CEO

Let us discover a bit more….
Tell us a bit about your agency workflow and goals. How do you work?
Luxury Travel Hackers leverages influencers and content creators to make vacations bookable via social media.  Our clients love that we make the point of discovery bookable.  
How would you describe NauSYS to other agencies? Why would you recommend them to our system?
I think both the backend and frontend parts of the API and agent portal are great. We have had very few issues with the experience. Customer support is outstanding as well.
What are your expectations for our future partnership and charter market growth?
Yachting is very popular for our network as we have seen a lot of interest with a small number of clients we have promoted to. We plan to launch much bigger on January 24 and start marketing and driving bookings.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS real-time platform.