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Group Island Spirit, LLC is focused on sailing operations in awesome destinations.

It currently operates within five areas of the yachting industry to offer yacht owners and customers everything they need to enjoy life on the water.

Island Spirit Charters offers sailing charters in the Gulf of Thailand (Koh Chang and Koh Samui), as well as Phuket via Elite Charters and the Seychelles via Bat-O-Bleu, a Group Island Spirit Company.

New charter destinations are soon to come!

Island Spirit Sailing School provides maritime training in Pattaya and Phuket.

Island Spirit Manufacturing builds Island Spirit sailing catamarans and Austhai commercial power catamarans in Rayong, Thailand, while Island Spirit Finance provides financing to owners and charter companies to aid in the purchase of new vessels.

Island Spirit Brokerage is the Southeast Asian dealer for Bavaria Yachts, Nautitech Catamarans, Catalina Yachts and handles direct sales of Island Spirit Catamarans and Austhai Catamarans.

"Covering the whole process from request to after-sales by NauSYS makes the difference. As a charter company with different fleets in different locations, we needed some standards which we found with NauSYS! Happy to be part of the NauSYS family!"

Kristof Van der Schueren, Director of Sales & Marketing

Let us discover a bit more….
How long have you been using NauSYS, and why have you decided to become one of our Premium Fleet partners?
We started using NauSYS in May 2023. Being on different platforms is sometimes difficult for us and for our clients. There is room for mistakes and that is what we wanted to avoid Being cloud based is a big advantage. Technical service and help to our team is really good and appreciated.
What do you consider to bring you the biggest benefits by upgrading to our Premium Partner?
With different fleets on different locations GROUP ISLAND SPIRIT needs visibility and clearness towards our clients. Having all our fleets now on the NauSYS is easier for our clients to see what we offer. We appreciate the fluent sales process.
What have you been able to achieve since using our booking system?
Invoicing through the system, generating and storing client files, simplifying the sales process.
What are the benefits that you find most valuable when using our booking system?
The system generating all necessary client documents now got simplified. The possibility of storing all clients' documentation helps our communication between Sales, Admin and Operationals a lot. We appreciate the system being user-friendly!
What are your expectations for our future partnership and charter market growth?
We expect NauSYS to attract even more agents and brokers. Developing a “post-sales” system would be great. A “pre-charter” platform could help too.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS real-time platform.
Group Island Spirit

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