Dream Yacht Charter

Caribbean, Bahamas, Atlantic, Scandinavia, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Asia, Pacific, Americas


Sail Your Dreams With The World’s Leading Charter Company

Dream Yacht Charter began their story with a small fleet of 6 boats in the Seychelles, and today they count more than 1,200 yachts in more than 50 exciting destinations worldwide, including the Caribbean, Bahamas, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Asia, Americas and Europe. They are known as the largest and most diverse fleet in terms of models and manufacturers on the market.

They introduced ways to help non-sailors discover the freedom of being on the water, and are known for their innovation in bringing new sailing destinations to their clients. With DYC, clients have the luxury of choosing various types of charters, including bareboat, skippered, by the cabin, crewed, sabbaticals, power catamarans and corporate events.

Having a team of consultant yacht brokers, they have grown to be the world’s leading yacht sales specialist for private yacht ownership, charter management and brokerage. Their aim is to make yacht ownership easy and simple, providing professional consultancy, expert advice and tailored solutions.

"The decision of whether to become a NauSYS Premium Partner was never hard. Following the needs of our industry, and using the most advanced real-time booking platform was the key factor that made us decide on such a large change."


Let us discover a bit more….
What do you expect from becoming a new NauSYS™ Premium Fleet partner?
With such a large fleet, it is important for us to have stability, a good platform that will make our business processes easier to handle, as well as accuracy of our fleet information. From becoming a Premium Fleet, we expect nothing less than a true and correct business cooperation, in which NauSYS™ will help us automize our business activities and fuel us with more bookings.
What has attracted you to join NauSYS™ and what are the positives you see from our future partnership?
From the start, NauSYS™ has shown us dedication and enthusiasm to take on such a project of inserting our whole fleet into their system. The commitment they have, and the extra mile they are ready to go to follow our industry’s needs attracted us most. Showing such dedication to provide the best service is a positive that I truly value and will take our partnership a long way. When I talk about the business aspect of our partnership, the end goal is to execute the highest possible service, which would in the end help us provide outstanding service to our clients.
In what way does the system fit your needs in everyday business activities?
All our booking procedures will go through NauSYS™ (documentation, invoicing, making bookings, tracking yacht maintenance, etc.), and having all the information in one spot, accessible to our employees around the world is what we need. It will accelerate our business both within our offices and towards our partners and clients.
Thank you for your time and we look forward to our long term partnership.


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Caribbean, Bahamas, Atlantic, Scandinavia, Mediterranean, Indian, Ocean, Asia, Pacific, Americas