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Bruneko Charter is a boutique yacht charter company guiding clients through every aspect of their yachting journey.

Since 1994 their multi-cultural and multi-lingual team has been dedicated to making yachting the extraordinary experience it should be. Their team is available around the clock, and will go the extra mile to secure a personalized experience that exceeds all expectations.

No detail is too small, and no challenge is too great.

They are always here for clients, through every step of the way. From offering support on your first charter – either bareboat or skippered, advising on buying or selling a yacht, to putting together a comprehensive charter program for your vessel.

Their local and international connections give them insight and expertise that help deliver a bespoke experience – whether that’s finding a sought-after yacht or the most exclusive anchorages.

Their fleet consists of motorboats, motor yachts, sailing yachts, and a catamaran available for charter, including models from Bavaria, Elan, Beneteau, Quicksilver, Balt, Bura, and Bali.

One of their core aims is to remain future-focused. So, they invest in the technology and environmental initiatives that make yachting an even richer and more sustainable experience – not just now, but for the generations that follow.

Their centralized location for both their office and fleet in the Tankerkomerc Marina Zadar means that clients are always just a couple of minutes away from setting sail into a mosaic of blue and turquoise, courtesy of the stunning Adriatic coastline. They are also just a seven-minute drive from the main bus station and approximately twenty minutes from the Zadar Airport.

Their team is made up of avid sailors, so they will be more than happy to share sea-faring secrets with you.
Get in touch with them and they’ll get back to you in no time.

"As a yacht charter company with over 28 years of experience, we are very happy to be a part of the NauSYS Premium program that affords us both efficiency and excellent customer service and is always available for our special requirements."


Let us discover a bit more….
After many years of being active on the charter market and using various booking systems, why has NauSYS become your primary and only system?
We have decided to make NauSYS our primary system as we had constantly used a couple of booking systems and to keep them updated requires a lot of time. Also, the NauSYS system has a friendly interface, it’s easy to use which with very good NauSYS team support makes our work a lot easier and quicker to do.
What was the turning point or reason for this business decision?
The reason for our business decision is the efficiency and synchronicity that we will get using only one booking system.
What makes you feel secure that being present only in NauSYS is enough?What are the advantages of being present only on NauSYS and the backoffice?

Even before switching to NauSYS Premium, NauSYS was our primary booking system. We were very satisfied with customer support; therefore, this was the natural step forward. The advantages of being present only on NauSYS and the backoffice are the efficiency of work in one place, as we don’t have to waste time checking other systems to see if our data matches, and there is no possibility of cross bookings anymore.

Since NauSYS is made as a web application, it provides us access to it from anywhere at anytime, which is a huge advantage compared to other systems, making us flexible.

What features/services do you like and use most within the system? To what extent does NauSYS help you in finalizing all your booking processes?
We use all the possibilities that the NauSYS program provides, from managing the warehouse to creating invoices, and managing options/reservations.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS real-time platform.

BRUNEK-O d.o.o.

Vlaška 69

Zagreb 10000



Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar