Bootado is a new charter agency on the market and has 10 premium houseboats located in the Marina Röblinsee (Fürstenberg an der Havel), Germany.

They are the perfect partner for a relaxed boat holiday within the beautiful landscapes of the German lakes. The area of Fürstenberg has excellent sailing routes and offers a break from the busy daily routine. Only 1 hour by train from Berlin or Hamburg, it can be easily reached.

Their boats have high-quality standards and equipment. Also, they are designing the interior of all their boats in order to provide the best experience and uniqueness to their customers.

Experienced sailors or beginners, families or friends, dogs, or just an alternative for your home office - Bootado will fit your needs! Their team at the marina has many years of experience and will provide you with the best service and suggestions for your houseboat trip.

With the technology on their side and over 9 years of experience in the tourism sector, Bootado is looking to expand its owners' portfolio and business opportunities, in order to make Bootado the number one in Germany.

As a second business pillar, they continue investing in their fleet by offering boat enthusiasts the opportunity to enter the charter business easily, with the best consultation and market expertise.

Choosing NauSYS as our main booking system, we gain more efficiency during our daily work, which gives us the possibility to develop and invest time in other projects. We are happy to have a cloud-based solution that is easy to use and connects us with all the important partners. The support team is one of the strongest parts and I'm very grateful for the quick reaction time and possibility of customizing tools. Every charter agency has some singularities, and NauSYS provided us with the best solution & service!

Patricia Czajkowski, Executive Assistant - Operations & Business Development

Let us discover a bit more….
We are so happy to welcome you as our Premium partner! Can you tell us what was the breaking point for deciding to use NauSYS exclusively?
We were looking for a tech partner who would allow us to grow and expand our brand, becoming soon the leader in the online market for boat charter in Germany. After detailed research, we saw that NauSYS is offering the best solution on the market and has an amazing team, that helped us set up our account.
You are also using the NauSYS Professional package, which features helped you the most when it comes to your houseboats business?
For us, it was very important to have a section for the owners with their own login into NauSYS. We want to be a transparent partner and in the future gain new owners who will be exclusively using Bootado for their boats and grow their business with the NauSYS technology.
What part do you find the most exciting about the future, we hope long-term, collaboration between BOOTADO and NauSYS?
In the near future, we want to scale up our fleet to 50 boats and also become a trustable brand for new owners. We are also looking to expand the market and offer boats in other countries, and here the NauSYS Partners can be a very interesting option for us.
And finally, would you recommend others to be on NauSYS and use it as their main booking system?
The booking manager is very easy to use and has a modern design. But the MOST important selling point is the team behind NauSYS. The onboarding and support were frictionless and very detail-oriented. The services provided so far have been very good!
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS real-time platform.

Duschik und Rost Hausboot GbR

Deubners Weg 10

Chemnitz 09112



Röblinsee Marina, Germany