sailing yachts

The main characteristic of Yacht4You is a high quality service. Focusing on providing yacht charter service of high quality in Split, Croatia with full service that client may need at the destination, they also provide charter management program with high quality boat maintenance.

Experience of working with boats, experience in working with guests at the base, knowledge of the sailing area, local customs and laws makes us the best partners who will provide the best terms and best offer.

Yacht4You is based at Marina Kaštela – Croatia. Marina is newly built and an excellent starting port with its position, spacious guarded parking, equipment and comfort in approaching moorings, restaurants, shops & swimming pool.

An additional reason to start vacation exactly from this place is the town of Kastela, pretty little town made of seven small villages, situated (a short drive of 15-20 minutes) between two UNESCO cities Trogir and Split.

Let us discover a bit more….
Since when you’ve became a member of NauSYS™ family?
For us it is like “forever”. To be precise, almost since the very beginning of our charter business in 2014!
And how NauSYS™ became your system of choice? Was there any decisive moment?
In 2014 we were just starting our business with keeping a central booking. For a short period of time we were using several programs hoping to find the one that suits us best. Then Luka approached to us, saying: “We do not offer you a program, we offer you the service.” And that was what you may call a decisive moment. Unlike all other, NauSYS™ provided us with a service, and we have to add: the top quality one.
Guess asking you “are you satisfied” becomes needless. Would you then recommend NauSYS™ to other users?
Always! We are more than satisfied. Through all these years NauSYS™ has grown but the quality of the service never declined. When some of our colleagues meet challenges in business, whether it was booking, invoicing or organization we address them to NauSYS™ . You have our strongest recommendation.
Could you, for the end of this interview, give us a brief commentary on our partnership?
We see NauSYS™ team as our friends, partners in the true sense of word. The Service you provide us is highly professional but always so friendly and personal.
Thank you NauSYS™ !!!
Thank you for your time and keep enjoy booking on NauSYS™ real-time platform.