NauSYS at the Startup Europe Regatta 2020

This year more than ever, an exciting and awaited event to say the least was the Startup Europe Regatta 2020. For the second time in a row, we were one of the main sponsors of the two day event which combined sailing and entrepreneurship. We can truly say that it was nice to meet up, network again, and share experiences.

The main focus was put on fin-tech and digitalization which shouldn’t have come as a surprise. It was interesting listening to all eight startups and innovations presented. The winning team at the end was Parkilo with their parking system solution. On day two participants participated in a sailing competition along the Split aquatorium, which was a perfect way of combining quick thinking and decision making, a skill every great entrepreneur needs.

We all had a great time and learned something new. Now, we just have to wait and see what ideas entrepreneurs will bring to the table next year.

*The event was held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, and the Ministry of Science and Education.

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