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Preveza Sailing is a small friendly, family firm that exclusively charters their private owned sailing yachts.

They started back in 2003 with their first sailing yacht in their possession, and today their fleet consists of 3 sailing yachts. 2 of the sailing yachts are brand new, in excellent condition with all the highest standards and with all the necessary equipment ready for new challenges and experiences . All their sailing yachts are maintained by them and their technical and engineering team.

Preveza Sailings basic principle is to see each and every customer as a friend and feel their need for vacation with a seaworthy yacht. Their goal is to provide customers with a wonderful vacation, and their team is fully committed to meet the expectations and cover all possible demands and needs of clients. They strive to make their holidays with their sailing yacht their favorite and most remarkable experience.

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Let us discover a bit more….
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It’s a combination of things, all our booking procedures are well organized through NauSYS, everything is done quickly, every year we have new agencies who trust our company, the NauSYS team is very helpful and polite and they solve our issues immediately.
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