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Olympic Yachting Shipping Ltd. is a Greek company based in Lavrio, Attica, located just 30 kilometers from Athens’ International airport. The company specializes in owning and operating sailing yachts, including models such as Bavaria, Sun Odyssey, and Jeanneau. Olympic Yachting takes pride in providing high-quality service with a personal touch, and their team of experts can handle any type of operation.

What sets Olympic Yachting apart is their commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for their clients. The owner himself is often present at the quay to oversee the delivery and redelivery of yachts, manage inventories, and provide technical assistance before handing over the vessel to new clients. In case of any issues, a 24-hour troubleshooting crew is available to assist clients during their cruises. Olympic Yachting also offers ample shore storage near the yachts for clients to use.

Above all, Olympic Yachting is dedicated to making sure that clients have the best possible sailing vacation in Greek waters. With their attention to detail and expert care, clients can rest assured that their time on the water will be unforgettable.

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