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Established in 2001, Navigare Yachting has become the fastest growing yacht charter operator in the world, with the youngest fleet globally, present in 10 countries worldwide and recognized for its advanced know-how, premium services, and high standards. Over the years, they have developed unique yacht charter experiences for clients and hassle-free yacht ownership to over 300 yacht investors worldwide.

Navigare Yachting combines the advantages of a larger charter fleet, with essential local experiences from many different countries. Their guest will always be at the center of attention, and their exceptionally skilled staff will make sure guests feel right at home on their chartered yacht — from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and everywhere in between!

They focus on details to provide the best experience for each guest. For example in their Caribbean fleet, every single catamaran is equipped with air conditioning and a generator; all yachts also have teak in the cockpit for that enhanced luxurious feeling.

Another interesting fact to highlight is that Navigare Yachting was awarded as the best yacht charter company in Croatia 2016 by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (CCC).

“NauSYS is the ideal partner by combining the strengths of a robust booking system (with features that match the latest market needs) and the support of an expert team dedicated to assisting their partners quickly and professionally. ”

LUKA SKERLEV, Global Charter Sales Director

Let us discover a bit more what Mr. Luka Skerlev has to say about NauSYS…
Being present on other booking systems throughout the years and now being visible only in NauSYS, what made you decide on such a change?
After being present in virtually all the other booking systems, we chose to work with NauSYS exclusively to optimize our booking process and avoid the synchronization issues we had been experiencing between the various platforms. It proved to be a good decision. Now, all of our partner brokers use NauSYS to book the Navigare fleet, and we don’t need to maintain any other booking system.
NauSYS is now your only and primary booking system, meaning that all your booking processes go through us. What would you say are the advantages or features that we offer, and you find crucial for your booking processes and charter business?
There are many NauSYS features that stood out for us, too many to list!
Let’s highlight the critical ones: a booking list that is clear and simple to use, access to lots of statistics and reports that are easily generated and exported from NauSYS, the ability to broadcast reminders to clients for missing payments or crew list, and the ability to design offers according to market needs.
The entire system is user-friendly, and we have found the NauSYS support team to be very responsive and knowledgeable when we seek their assistance, from troubleshooting to new developments and training.
Would you say that NauSYS developed and listened to the industry trends over the years? How does NauSYS fit into the Navigare story and business concept?
There is no doubt in my mind that NauSYS is succeeding because it keeps on evolving with our industry, they listen to feedback, and are always on top of things. Over the years, we have grown into a very productive partnership, and ever since the Navigare story began more than 20 years ago, we have been enjoying the tremendous growth. We have never been better positioned to further develop our activity as we continue to add new destinations with the support of NauSYS.
Thank you for your time and we look forward to our long term partnership.

Navigare Yachting

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