Helena’s Sailing, our new partner!

Helena’s Sailing is our new partner from Croatia!

Helena’s Sailing story began with a shared love for the sea and a commitment to curating unforgettable moments aboard over 25 years ago. That enabled them to have more than 5500 hours at sea under their belt and more than 100 training courses done.

Cranchi M44 HT – Helenas, an exclusive motor yacht has the utmost comfort, luxury and professional crew that will accompany you on your sailing journey.

It is based in Sukosan, D-Marin Dalmacija Marin.

At Helena’s Sailing, in addition to yacht charters, they also provide a gateway to extraordinary maritime adventures and unparalleled luxury.

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Motor Yacht:

Cranchi M44 HT Helenas


Sukosan, D-Marin Dalmacija Marin, Croatia





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