Fix Yachting

Fix Yachting was established by a professional Hungarian skipper Sr. Zsolt Bossanyi in 2005. who had the opportunity to travel around the world and simultaneously get to know many charter companies personally. In 2014 his son Jr. Zsolt Bossanyi took over and became the manager of the company, and is still active within the company.

The agency today is the number 1 agency in Hungary, and one of the most known charter agencies in Eastern Europe. 

Since 2018. the company became active not only in the bareboat sector, but also in the luxury charter market, offering yachts to customers who want to spend their vacation or business trips in exclusive conditions with the highest possible level of service. Luxury yachts for rent range from 50 feet up to 300 feet in size, and the number of crew depends on the size of the ship and the specific needs of the guests.

They also offer ‘catamaran trainings’ for all sailors who previously gained experience on monohull boats or have no experience at all. Because of the two separate hulls, the double width and the 2 engines, catamarans require different maneuvering in many situations than traditional sailboats.

Fix Yachting is a customer-driven Hungarian agency that offers boats from all over the world. Whether clients are looking for a small sailing boat for a few days, or gullet for a bachelorette party, or even a catamaran with a skipper, Fix Yachting will offer only the best.

"With NauSYS Premium Agency partnership, our work is much faster than before. Thanks to the professional and well structured API Data Stream, our work is much more efficient and safer than ever. The customer service team gives really fast and good support to our programmers which is one of the most important factors why we really appreciate NauSYS. We are really happy with the Premium status and we are open for any kind of other upgrades they suggest, and we look forward to new features in the system."


Let us discover a bit more….
What are the benefits for you under the NauSYS Premium Agency status?
The most important thing I would highlight with this status is that we feel safe when it comes to the services we use and the information we deliver to our clients. We are using the backoffice solution as well as the API Data Stream service to automatize all possible activities, which makes our business much more faster and reliable. All the real-time data in NauSYS is shown directly on our website which allows for minimum error during low and high season. The fleets offered are great, and our clients are always happy when they receive offers that are generated through NauSYS as they are clean and contain all important information. Not to mention, all other documents we need for bookings are generated through NauSYS too.
How would you describe your workflow within NauSYS?
As mentioned, we are using their API Data Stream which makes the workflow much more professional and efficient. Our guests have real-time data from the start and can immediately look up for yachts on their own. Once they find a yacht they like, I use the system to generate offers, booking contracts and invoices.
Why is this status important for you?
This status is important for us because it informs other agencies and most importantly fleet operators that we as the biggest Hungarian agency use NauSYS and that we are very happy with it. It provides us security, the backoffice which is very important, and other benefits that are always a plus.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS real-time platform.

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