Emu Yachting, our new Premium Partner!

Emu Yachting d.o.o. – a new brand located in Croatia made by sailors for sailors! For the past 30 years, they acquired extensive experience in sailing and chartering around the world. Every member of their crew is a sailor, which helps greatly in understanding the potential needs of their clients. Due to their long experience they are professional yet friendly, and always ready to help.

With Emu Yachting the clients’ holiday will be an unforgettable marine adventure during which they will discover paradises like bays and islands, as well as capture wonderful life moments. They also assist in organizing the dream holiday – including choosing the boat, planning the destinations of sails, transfers from the airport to the marina, hiring an appropriate skipper and much more, everything needed to make it easier and more enjoyable.

They are based in ACI Marina Jezera which is on the island of Murter – very easy to reach via the bridge in Tisno. Due to its location it is very protected from the waves and winds, which makes it is a safe spot for the boats and a perfect place for skipper training, trips and boat racing.

They invite everyone on board for a great time!

Let us discover a bit more….

NauSYS™ is your primary and only booking system, could you explain why you decided to be a NauSYS™ Premium Partner?

Yes, NauSYS™ is our only booking system. We are working with NauSYS™ for many years as an agent and now we are finally on the operators side of things which is more than exciting. The Premium status offers us many great benefits: online crew lists, reminders, live changes to our fleet including discounts and many many more. NauSYS™ is the best choice for any agent or operator.

How would you describe our platform to others considering joining NauSYS™? What do you like most about it, any specific features you would like to point out?

The platform is easy to use and very popular among the agents. The support team is always there for you and willing to help in a quick and professional manner. This is simply the best choice. The booking list is clear and not over complicated as is the search engine where you can easily add extras or features of the boat you are looking for. One of the best features are the online crew lists and the booking confirmations being sent to the customer without the operators input, this allows us to spend more time making the boats ready for the customers during the season and keeping quality of our services at top level.

What does becoming NauSYS™ Premium Fleet mean to you?

Becoming NauSYS™ Premium Fleet is considered an award for our hard work for the past couple of years. We are a new charter company and being able to get the trust of a big platform like this means a lot to us. Our aim is to have the best quality services among the operators and we believe that NauSYS™ is playing a big part in this goal.

Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS™ real-time platform.