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Dragut Sailing is ready for guests to have a wonderful holiday, and are sure that one of their yachts will be the right fit, whether a captain is needed or not!

If you start to look at the lines where blue waters and green fields meet, from the point of view derived from the stories of Halicarnassus Fisherman, you get caught up in feelings and thoughts such as joy, desire and enthusiasm. It is on these foundations that the passion of Dragut Sailing team rises.

Their team has been meeting with sea lovers from all over the world for more than 16 years and have been planning unforgettable cruises all along. If you are in need of something extraordinary for your guests summer vacation, then their philosophy will meet your expectations.
That’s what the Draugut Sailing team is for!

“We are happy to be a part of NauSYS. Their philosophy and work ethics is what we need to provide and handle a smooth booking process, and give our guests a well deserved and long awaited vacation. The system helps us a lot every day, and we cannot work without it.”


Let us discover a bit more about what they say….
We are happy to welcome you as our Premium Partner and introduce you to our worldwide agency network! What made you decide to update to the NauSYS Premium Partnership?
We have been using NauSYS for as long as I remember, we have gained a lot of trust from the team and system. We want to continue and grow our partnership and this was the next step to strengthen our cooperation.
How would you explain our booking system to those who are thinking of switching or using NauSYS?
NauSYS is a system through which you can do everything. It is basically all you need.
It is simple, modern and has all the functionalities you can think of.
Would you recommend our system to others? If yes, what is the main reason and why?
As said, we have only been using NauSYS, and I think this is enough confirmation of whether I would recommend your system.
It just works for us and I would not change anything, and I think it would be the same for others.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS real-time platform.

Dragut Sailing

G. M. K Bulvarı No 26

48960 Turgutreis, Muğla Province



Bodrum, Gümbet Marina


Göcek; Tukrey