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After many years of working in the charter industry Mr. Dalibor, the company director, decided to establish his own company based on years of experience and passion for sailing.
Today, D.N. Nautica is based in Marina Punat, the largest and loveliest marina on the Island of Krk, Croatia.

Mr. Dalibor says that experience is essential to ensure the highest standards and is important to maintain the satisfaction of all parties involved when booking a yacht. This primarily refers to caring for clients who have chosen the best form of vacation, far from daily worries and obligations –  sailing the beautiful seas.

Currently, they offer a range of sailing yachts and motor boats that are ready for booking and are waiting to make clients happy.

"Being a part of NauSYS has helped our business grow, and has from the start provided us with great support and results. We are happy to be a Premium Partner and are looking forward to what the future brings for the both of us."


Let us discover a bit more….
After many years of cooperation what was the key factor that made you decide on becoming our Premium Fleet Partner?
Well to be honest, there was not a ‘key factor’ that made us decide, the overall experience we have with NauSYS™ is delightful and the amount of bookings and activities we receive through the platform is over the top.
What are the benefits that you find most valuable when using our booking system?
We use NauSYS™ as our back-end solution, and being able to track all our activities, have all important documents and information in one spot is great for us. We can access the platform from anywhere, on any device at any time. Having the freedom and being able to execute our booking processes regardless of where we are is very valuable to us.
In which way would you say NauSYS™ improved your business activity and to what extent?
Over the years we have seen NauSYS™ develop their system to fit their customers’ needs. I believe this is the most crucial part when I look at our internal business activities and booking processes. We are able to follow trends and deliver good service to our end clients by only using NauSYS Booking System.
I can not forget to mention the agency network they have. Without the number of bookings we get through the system, we would not be able to grow. We also use their integration service which additionally brings value to our business and website.
When we look at the overall aspect, our company activities improved greatly and we appreciate the help and support they given us.


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Marina Punat, Krk