Busy workdays on ICE’19!

Busy workdays on ICE’19!

Barely three hours since the opening of ICE’19 and we’re in a full tempo from the very start of the day at the Marx Halle, Vienna!

No matter how busy we are, you’re always welcome to meet us.

Meet us at booth S41-42 in Marx Halle, or for a cozy chat in downtown Vienna.

Use the “Handshake” an official matchmaking software to set up meetings with our team on Nov 8th & 9th … at Marx Halle / booth S41-42 Nov 10th … in Vienna downtown at one of its cozy places … or simply pop at our booth, we’ll be there for you.

Anyway, just feel free to visit us, and we’ll be happy to discuss how NauSYS will bring your business to an upper level!

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