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BavAdria for years secured one of the leading positions among the charter companies in Croatia.

BavAdria offers an unique opportunity for Yacht owners to have a guaranteed place in the sister company, Marina Kaštela with first class infrastructure and maintenance.

For all Charter clients BavAdria offers direct support and service through their booking office in Graz, Austria. Together with their Kaštela office they can offer an outstanding service quality for all booking requests. In Graz they also organize regular sailing events for all friends of sailing to promote maritime culture and knowledge.

Marina Kaštela, where BavAdria is situated, is an affiliated company of the same owner thus enabling them to offer many advantages regarding usage of the Marina infrastructure and also an ever accessible helpful staff. Situated in the heart of Dalmatia, only 7 km away from the international airport of Split and 12 km from the ferry port, the bus and railroad station in Split.

Teamed with new yacht, qualified staff and affordable prices, BavAdria charter fleet is the best starting point for anyone’s vacation.

All you have to do is visit Marina, relax and enjoy the time on their yachts, and leave everything else to BavAdria.

"It has been a pleasure working with NauSYS since the day one. Fast, reliable, easy to handle and connect from anywhere and with any device. Just perfect for us!"


Let us discover a bit more….
Could you please reveal why did you choose NauSYS™ to be your main partner?
The answers is easy: it is the best booking system to work with. Simple as that!
That is very flattering, thank you. So, would you, maybe, point some details that attracted you?
Absolutely, we have an excellent cooperation with your team, solving all issues in quick and simple manner.
You’re open for for all suggestions and fulfill almost all our wishes. Even those small desires we have to ease our work and communication between us and customers.
Now, are there some specific options you prefer on NauSYS™?
If we have to put some up front they would be: Note, Agency Note and Client Note.
Within “Note” we can leave all informations that ease our colleagues’ work.
“Agency Notes” provide direct notfications to agencies booking our vessels, thus avoiding to write additional e-mails.
“Client Note” gives us benefit to write down all details of our client’s corresponedence making it easily available at one place and clearly visible . It really does save us time and searching past mails.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoy booking on NauSYS™ real-time platform.

Bav-Adria Yachting d.o.o

Marina Kaštela, F. Tuđmana 213

21213 Kaštel Gomilica


BavAdria c/o
Marinconsult GmbH

Hans Sachs Gasse 5/1

8010 Graz


ATU 28768303


Marina Kaštela – Croatia