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Akhir Cruise operates 4 motor yachts in 3 different Italian bases.
Offering daily charters, cruises and weekly charters, they are happy to customize a vacation based on clients wishes. Weddings, parties, touristic cruises along the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento Coast and Aeolian Islands whatever it is, they will happily assist along the way.

Their first motor yacht is an Akhir 16.60, called Antonella IV, designed by the famous Italian architect Pierluigi Spadolini, a true “boat of author”. Moored in Salerno it is perfect for cruises along the famous Amalfi Coast, the Sorrento Coast and the islands of the Gulf of Naples.  The yacht has three double cabins each with its own bathroom, and offers a pleasant stay at one of the best tourist destinations.

The second yacht is a Versilcraft Super Vanguard, called Malibù, and also moored in Salerno. The yacht has 3 double cabins each with its own bathroom and is comfortable and welcoming.

The third yacht is a mythical 20-meter Baglietto, called Princess Giusy and is moored on the south-east Italian coast in Otranto for cruises in the islands of Ionian Greece (Corfu, Lefkada etc..) but with embarkation in Italy. The yacht has four double cabins with three bathrooms.

The fourth yacht is a magnificent 24m Pegasus, produced by the Cantieri di Pisa and called Dea Tuda. This yacht is moored in Porto di Policastro Bussentino, along the beautiful Cilentata Coast, and is perfect for cruises to the Aeolian Islands, the Amalfi Coast, the Cilento Coast, Sicily, Sardinia and even Malta. It has four comfortable cabins with relative bathrooms and an elegant main saloon that measures a good 20 square meters.

“We really like the system, it is modern and friendly. We have all our yachts visible in one spot regardless of the different bases, and any booking or option we receive is easily managed.”


Let us discover a bit more about what they say….
Why did you choose NauSYS booking system? What is it that you like most?
I chose the NauSYS booking system because I had a clear sense of its efficiency. The system is simple but it still offers us all we need.
What features, benefits, or advantages first drew you to us?
The thing I like most is the operation that characterizes the system and also their teams kindness. All this attracted me to the point of making me decide to join the system. As mentioned, it has everything I need.
How smooth was the setup stage of your account in NauSYS? Are your expectations met?
Finally, it was easy to complete my account setup thanks to Marko’s help and patience. NauSYS support team did a great job from the start, and whenever I need them, they are here to help.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS real-time platform.


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Marina Chiaiolella, Procida

Porto di Policastro Bussentino; Italy