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About Adria Yachting, where sailing means so much more!

They are a 2015 established yacht charter company dedicated to making client’s experience as outstanding as possible in every area. Even though fairly young, Adria Yachting has an admirable fleet of over 25 boats and an extraordinary team of people. They are based at a marina in Split, where their team is greatly prepared to help make the sailing adventure better than you could ever expect.

Considering the fact that the Adria Yachting team has only around fifteen employees, their team is set to help create client’s experience more personalized and are there for you at any moment. To be able to provide maximum comfort and safety, all their boats are well maintained and equipped with everything necessary for clients to enjoy one of their yachts or catamarans as comfortably as possible.

For us it is important to have a good and friendly partnership which instills confidence – and all of this is achieved. We would like to thank the whole NauSYS team for becoming a PREMIUM fleet partner. The recognition, marketing position and real time booking platform gives us a higher status in our industry. We are confident that further cooperation will continue to be as good as before.


Let us discover a bit more….
What were the main reasons for upgrading and becoming a NauSYS™ Premium Fleet?
NauSYS™ is the best booking system, it is so easy to handle it and the PREMIUM part gives so much more benefits. Becoming PREMIUM FLEET gives also a feeling of safety for our clients and agents. And the most important is the friendly partnership.
In what way can you say NauSYS™ is helping your business and what results are you seeing?
We get a lot of marketing benefits, priority support and development. Today it is really important to be recognized – and the PREMIUM label gives us more opportunities to work better and improve our status.
In one simple sentence, how would you describe NauSYS™ to fleet operators who are thinking of joining our booking system?
There is no better or easier way to keep your booking list live and up to date. NauSYS™ is really one of the most reliable systems on the market. You will get all the support and help from them to improve your business and to get the best status on the market.
Thank you for your time and keep enjoying NauSYS™ real-time platform.

Adria Yachting d.o.o.

Lošinjskih brodograditelja 47

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Marina Split – ACI